217. Beste dimentsioko lapurra

217. Thief from another dimension

After eons of captivity I'm finally free ... and now I'll become the owner of this dimension.

At the moment I'm taking this carpet... and your watch seems expensive ... bring it here...




215. Plugged
- Through the variation of polarities we have opened a crack in the cosmic network close to reality!

- An universe of possibilities.

- Big Spit?
- Another genius!


212. Gailurretik gertu

212.Almost the peak

- Instead of beech, the rocks would be more adequate for the nest.
- ... but, what's wrong with you guys?
- The air is too pure!
- A chimney, please!


211. Pop Korn Usaina

211. Pop corn - smell

- Aupa! 
- You are burning!
- A tiny electric problem... It's okay.

- Did you like the movie?
- Yes, it wasn't bad... but it has started smelling weird at the end. 
- Pop corns!
- It didn't smell nice.

- To the men's room! Tubes has got stuck again.


210. Atsedena

210. Rest

- I am leaving for a while to think about my future. 
- Do you need a tissue for the conclusion?
- No... I'll use fresh leaves or a polished stone... I'll enjoy the experience that our nature offers.
- Preet
- Nettle.
- It sounds like a hedgehog!!!