185. Tutua

185. Snorkel
- Forehead-dick-guy's been under the water for a long while.
- He doesn't need any snorkel to dive.


184. Erromanikoa ala gotikoa

184. Romanic or Gothic

- No way, Bot... The sand would destroy your circuits... Look how we build and that's it.
- Gothic arch?
- Has anyone got clean hands to help me to put the sun-cream on?
- I put my new gloves for you.
- UARGH!!! The water is breaking the wall!


183. Jaigi hadi dantzara

183. Let's go dancing

- It seems that the ankle has already got cured.
- This week, it hasn't made any worrying noise...
- Yes... You could go to dance...
- Let's celebrate! Two beers!!!
- Another two!!!