173. Malenkolia

173. Melancholia
- So chilly!
- and that melancholic sigh?
- Haizea's gone and I couldn't say goodbye...
- I still remember how she laughs...
- I sweat more when I wink my eye...


172. Gutuna

172. Letter
- Oh Haizea! You've got the key to my heart. There are lots of things I wanted to tell you...
- Wait! ... You're the sweaty guy... There are something for you...
- Has she written me a letter? or her telephone number?
- No, no... As she won't come back anymore... You can take your mop home...


171. Haizea ez dago

171. Haizea isn't here
- A fantastic day! It's just rained a bit, spring is coming, I've escaped from all the puke... and now It's time to see Haizea.
- ... I suppose she's spent all the vacations... Is she sick?
- Haizea has quitted her job.
- Because of studying or another job... I don't know...
- She's gone...
- What's that dirt on your pants?
- Vomit of caper and garlic juices... It seems that I haven't avoided all of them.


170. Satelitek orkatila apurtu du

170. Satelite's broken his ankle

- They criticize my strips, they love to put themselves in my mouth while I'm snoring, they love to change my coffee to the worm juice... Aren't you going to find a tree?
- Well, A couple of days ago we've found one that we like... but after trying a branch to see if it was sturdy enough, I twisted my ankle...
- Until I get recovered, I need the vulture.
- ... It's bought me a bottle.