161. Egunkaria

161. Newspaper
- All these newspapers? Are you going to paint your room?
- Since the vultures have started flying, they're making poo poo everywhere...
- And where are they now? Are they looking for avocados?
- No... They're doing crossword puzzles in the lamp above you...


160.Grazia gutxiko beste txiste bat

160. Another non-funny strip
- Yes ... yes... I know it isn´t a great strip...
- But...?
- Master!!! Point your laser to another side!
- Sorry! ... I´m going to turn the potency down...


159. Urdaiazpiko izozkia

159. Liver favour ice-cream
- Time passes by and every time I'm getting showered by more disturbing favour...
- ... and tomorrow the questionnaire of liver favour ice-cream.
- Goodbye Txank!
- ...Goodbye Haizea...
- She remembers my name!!!


158. Azalore jogurta

158. Cauliflower yogurt
- So, let's put a 3 for the cauliflower yogurt.

- The last question: please choose which tissue you would use to clean the vomit from the corner of the lips.

- UAGHJ! I haven't expected this. Tissue B.

- The taste of the cauliflower stays in the palate... It's better to put a 2.
- I need to change my job...