Aupa Oporrak!

ATSEDENA! Irailean itzuliko gea!

¡DESCANSO! Volvemos en septiembre!

ON HOLIDAY! We'll be back in September! 



184. Erromanikoa ala gotikoa

184. Romanic or Gothic

- No way, Bot... The sand would destroy your circuits... Look how we build and that's it.
- Gothic arch?
- Has anyone got clean hands to help me to put the sun-cream on?
- I put my new gloves for you.
- UARGH!!! The water is breaking the wall!


183. Jaigi hadi dantzara

183. Let's go dancing

- It seems that the ankle has already got cured.
- This week, it hasn't made any worrying noise...
- Yes... You could go to dance...
- Let's celebrate! Two beers!!!
- Another two!!!


180. Beterraba entsaladan

180. Beetroot in Salad
- ... and this frame?
- It's the first ticket that Haizea gave me...
- You must be thinking that I'm too dumb to be so obsessed with her... But it's over...
- No... I'm thinking it's been a long while we haven't eaten beetroot for salad.


179. Tatuaiak

179. Tatoo
- J! Look at my new tatoo! It's so cool! It's made by the little vultures. I can't get it wet because it's drawn by their deposition.
- Ah! You also have one too!
- ... What are you talking about? I've put my raincoat on all day.
- ... You must have forgotten to put the hood when you took a nap... Don't touch it... It's still fresh.


178. Txank pozik berriro

178. Txank is happy again
- Good morning!
- Amazing friends for a wonderful morning...
- ... Seems that he's overcome the love crisis...
- Yes... Or I may have put enough alcohol into his orange juice...


177. Bot jokoan

177. Bot's playing
- Here! to me!
- Bot's got accepted in the team...
- There were only a few of children in the test...
- It explains the goal keeper....


176. Futbol frogak

176. Football-bot

- Can't you stop?
- There's a football team entrance test today...
- Children's team? They don't want any robots...
- This new boy reminds me of someone...
- Good bye!


175. Usoak

175. Pigeons

- Good afternoon Satelite... How are you?
- The priest is better...

- The sun is so great!... Feeding pigeons while drinking beer...

- not feeding pigeons...


174. Malenkolia sakona

174. Deep melancholia
- AUPA Txank! It's not raining today!
- Chu
- Stop thinking about girls, leave your bed... It's so sunny, fantastic!
- Happy?


173. Malenkolia

173. Melancholia
- So chilly!
- and that melancholic sigh?
- Haizea's gone and I couldn't say goodbye...
- I still remember how she laughs...
- I sweat more when I wink my eye...


172. Gutuna

172. Letter
- Oh Haizea! You've got the key to my heart. There are lots of things I wanted to tell you...
- Wait! ... You're the sweaty guy... There are something for you...
- Has she written me a letter? or her telephone number?
- No, no... As she won't come back anymore... You can take your mop home...


171. Haizea ez dago

171. Haizea isn't here
- A fantastic day! It's just rained a bit, spring is coming, I've escaped from all the puke... and now It's time to see Haizea.
- ... I suppose she's spent all the vacations... Is she sick?
- Haizea has quitted her job.
- Because of studying or another job... I don't know...
- She's gone...
- What's that dirt on your pants?
- Vomit of caper and garlic juices... It seems that I haven't avoided all of them.


170. Satelitek orkatila apurtu du

170. Satelite's broken his ankle

- They criticize my strips, they love to put themselves in my mouth while I'm snoring, they love to change my coffee to the worm juice... Aren't you going to find a tree?
- Well, A couple of days ago we've found one that we like... but after trying a branch to see if it was sturdy enough, I twisted my ankle...
- Until I get recovered, I need the vulture.
- ... It's bought me a bottle.


169. Orbitak

169. Orbit
- I've got problem with the magnetism machine, We have all the metallic objects flying around until the effect disappears.
- But there won't be problem because I've calculated the orbits that affect... The cutlery will rotate around the armchairs' area in the afternoon...
- From 6 o'clock to 2 o'clock, nails in the bathroom, a quarter to, the pressure cooker in the corridor. and every 25 minutes the scissors will visit your room...
- The pressure cooker...
- It's come earlier... 


167. Satelite korrika

167. Satelite is running

- UFA ! I'm going to dehydrate... I can't do it anymore!
- You may have a drink in 100 metres.
- 100 metres?
- ... I don't know if they're going to arrive...
- It's so lucky that there's a bar next to the bar...
- EUPS! Perdon!


166. Satelite kirolari

166. Satelite doing sport
- Satelite has stood us up again...
- AUPA, my friends!!
- Sorry for coming late!... I don´t remember which sport we are going to do.


165. Pintxo

165. Pintxo
- You should come to run with us.
- I´ve changed the detergent but it still smells like refinery...
- You spend too much time in the bar...
- ...Less than you think.
- Satelite! Your grandma wants to know if you are going home for lunch...
- ... I´ll have some of your pintxos.


163. Itogina

163. Leakage

- Aupa Txank!
- ... Thanks
- and your umbrella?
- ... I don't have to do questionnaire today...
- Leakage? Sorry!
- Don't worry, It's my condensed sweat...
- I'll put my hat on.