156. Turroia afaltzeko

156. Nougat for dinner
- Don't eat the birds!!!
- What are you talking about? I've eaten nougat for dinner... I'm cleaning my teeths with them, they love it...


155. Zigorra

155. Punishment
- I'm not going to give you any birdseeds... I don't care for your sad face... You're still punished.
- I've had to put the announcement on the newspaper about the things that you have stolen, and I've spent the whole week to return them back...
- Well, so far... You've still got the panty from the pretty neighbour...
- It's so soft!
- At least, let us touch it!


154. Arropa lehorra

154. Dried clothes
- May I know where this rubbish comes from?
- Those are things that the little birds find... pieces of pizza, avocados, golden chains, wallets, credit cards, suppository pills...
- and this?
- What're you doing?
- It seems that it belongs to the pretty neighbour...


153. Rekord

153. Record
- So fast!!! I can't even see the landscape... We're going to break the record!!!
- I've just remembered that it's the pretty neighbour's shower time.