152. Txanpu

152. Shampoo
- Is he running out of battery?
- No...Recently he spends hours looking out of the window... sometimes he says something...
- Shampoo!


151. Maisugorena

151. Supreme master

- I can't remove the dried ink from the nib...
- The nib is the soul's extention... It must be cleaned.
- Let's spit!
- ... rub and done.
- ... shining again.


150. Udazkena

150. Autumn

The emptiness of the Autumn afternoon makes the forehead-dick-guy sad.

- They aren't tears! I 've just taken a piss... Those are last drops.


149. Eskuila

149. Toilet Brush
- Attention!

- UHOOO!!! You've acquired the control of gravity...
- You're going to change the world!!!

- But what are you talking about?!!! I've got the toilet brush stuck on my hand and there isn't any way to take it out!
- Yes... We haven't cleaned the bathroom for a long time.
- Doesn't the robot clean it?
- Let's do the drawing lots to clean the bathroom. Now!!!

- New Experiment?
- I've lost the draw.