148. Zira

148. Raincoat

- Have you seen Haizea in the supermarket?
- Yes!
- Have you bought toilet paper?
- No.

- Calm down... I've bought one fresh lettuce... One question, J: What are you doing with the raincoat?

- The vultures have learnt how to fly...


147. Oihan dokumental

147. Jungle's documentary

- That's all for today... tomorrow more smoke!
- It's been a while that vulture hasn't come to work... Let's see when it gets bored watching that jungle's  documentary.
- Grandma! What's that bad smell?
- It smells like refinery!


144. Haizea

144. Haizea
- Concentration. I have to control my body.
- Finally!!! Toilet paper, Now!!!

- I haven't bought anything related to the bathroom. I had to be calm so I would dare to ask her name...
- Haizea!
- We're not going to have salad for dinner tonight...