139. Zinta

139. Tape
Forehead-dick-guy likes the beach a lot.

- Yes... I always go with my floating mat and the bucket.
- and the tape so my cap won't be fallen.


138. Arezko gaztelua

138. Sand castle

- So pretty the castle, Rhino!
- Thank you... But it's not a castle...

- Sand castle!!!
- I love destroying them!!
- Cathedral?

- Neither... One of my fabulous shit that has been covered by sand by wind...
- Bath time...


137. Iron surfer

137. Iron surfer

- UOOOO!!! So nice!!!

- Be careful of your plate!... Don't even think about of touching the water!
- Okay...

- Burmuinbot!!!
- I'm not touching...


136. Horia

136. Yellow

- Bad luck! ... We can't swim here.
- What? It's just yellow! At least we can swim until the knees...

- Radioactive in yellow... It's leak from the nuclear power station...
- Let's go to another one?