121. Taxia

121. Taxi

- Argh! It´s really late...

- Man... I´m available.

- It´s not a taxi that I need...

- It´s the vulture... Quick!!! I have to go to the MUS game.


119. Kirola aitzaki

119. Sport is the excuse

- Spiders in your lungs... How long haven´t you go for a run... right?

- Burmuinbot! You´re running too?
- I love it.

- Well, to be sincere, it´s just an excuse...


118. Aitzaki gehiago

118. Excuse, again

- And this dust?
- ... my sneakers... It has been a while not wearing them.

- I am going to run, would you join me?
- I would like to, but I have to control the temperature of the eggs...

- I can tell you really want to run... so I stay home with the eggs... you go to run.
- Thanks, but, are you sure?
- Yes, ... there is no excuse not helping you.