113. Iharduera fisikoa

113. Physical activity

- I wonder how long I haven't done any sport?

- ... at least, from the last time I tidied up my room... Let's see where my sneakers are.


112. Negua

112. Winter

- One of the 10 good things in winter...
- ... that the mosquitos disappear when it is cold.

- I´ll be back one day.

- Yes... but the bad thing is ...that the cockroaches are looking for warmth.


111. Arraultz harduradun

111. Responsible for the eggs

- ... But the vulture is not going to take care of its eggs.

- Now you are the one who is responsible... I need the vulture to work...
- To work?

- To the last chimemey...


110. Orban

110. Mole

- I didn't know that boy with the penis on his forehead had a mole there.
- A mole? ... It is a mosquito...
- Go away!
- See you!

- Remember the nest that I found... While I am looking for an appropriate tree... I would like you to have them in your room...

- How about your house? ... If you have already got animals...
- My grandma doesn't want to lose more cats...