99. Sormena edonon

99. Creating in everywhere

- Haha, What a great strip.

- Finished yet? Quick!!!

- I am coming!! I only need to sign now.


98. Maisuen Maisua

98. Master of master

- Oh!  Master of the Master! Show me how to use the nib in a skilled way like you do.

- Open your eyes and your mind, so my instruction would penetrate into your own perception´s seed.

- Uooh!!! It´s so clean!


97. Indabak

97. Red beans

- Well, like this... How can I have good idea if the environment doesn't allow it?
- It is  because I ate red beans this morning.

- I am going out to get some inspiration. 
- Take your umbrella... I have heard thunder...

- Turbo


96. Ausart

96. Brave

- Finally I stopped. Now I am going to talk to her.

- (Cough, Cough)

- Good night...
- Good Night!!! Blue eyes!!!

- How long have you been waiting?
- 3 strips.

- Almost...