91. Korrika

91. Running
- Let´s go home...
- Wait, here comes another...

- How was the park?
- I would like to go back soon...



90. Burmuinbot's shoes

- Do you like the park, Burmuinbot?
- Of course!!!

- And the concrete is softer that I thought.

- It would be Rhino's poop...
- I am so glad that the first shit you have stepped in is mine. 



89. 3rd principal of Thermodynamics

- WUuua!!!

- I am fine. 

- But what do you say? You've never had this dimension. 
- Two more formulas, and you have to finish for today...
- ... Or you won't have any hat for the winter. 


88. Auto-erretratua

88. Self-portrait

- Have you finished your massacre?
- I still need two more, for the nostril.