82. JP Zuzenean

82. JP live

- Thank you very much for your coming to the concert!!!
- They come here for taking shelter...

- ...There is a big storm outside.

- Great!!! 
- ... So I will also do the ¨encore¨.
- Do you want any cotton?
- Thank you...
- ... here, please.



81. Echo 
- ... I haven't seen the bar that empty since Rhino ate white beans.
- I don't understand...

- ... I have made a lot of promotion and I have made everything clear, the date, the location, and the time...

- If you have made everything clear... What is surprising you?


80. Aitxakiak

80. Excuses
- J.P. has been promoting his concert a lot.

- ... I have 1 week for preparing a good excuse.


79.Bus geltokia

79. Bus-stop

- Aupa, Txanks, you have just come back from the supermarket?
- It seems so... and you?

- I am here waiting for the bus.

- Now it´s here, help me please...
- Be careful! Don´t let the bus driver catch us....