74. Partiduaren ostean

74. After the match

- ...You are nice guys...
- Yes, we know.

- But we are sorry, our dates are coming right now...
- Aupa, Girls!!!

- ...I have made this vase, thinking of you.
- it is so beautiful!
- You are so awesome.
- Yes, we know.


73. Karramarroa

73. Crab

- I have emptied the bottle of spray and deodorant... There isn't any pore of the armpit without covering a layer of deodorant.

- ... and adding a bit of concrete. It will be impossible to come out a drop of sweat while I am near her.

- Are you alright?
- Yes... Yes...

- When I pass throught the fish market, I see the crab's little eyes asking for help, and it makes me sad.


72. Asteburua hemen hasten da

72. The weekend starts here

- What?... Burmuinbot is still sad?

- And it launches the laser ray in every sorrow sigh. 

- I know what it needs...

- Party!!! Party!!! 
- A bundle of money and the home key, please... 
- Don´t stay awake to wait for us. 


71. Hondartzara begira

71. Sea view

- A fantastic view... It worths going up until here....

- Well... brunch time has finished. I have to go back to work. 


70. Talofita

70. Thalloid plants

- What are you doing?
- I am going to eliminate the mosquito that doesn´t let me sleep.

- According to wise men, killing a living thing, you will reincarnate into seaweed...
- in a thalloid plant?

- Very interesting... Now, don´t move....