68. Zarata

68. Noise

- What is that noise which is getting close?
- Noise?

- Escape!!! I am sure that you don´t want to know what that is.

- I thought I have heard some voices...
- ... I have to wait for another moment to release my new symphonic masterpiece in front of the public. 


67. Izerdi potxingoa

67. Sweat puddle

- ... And the sweat will go through those little tubes and come out from the sole.

- How comfort that I don´t have my armpit without sweat-mark.

- UAGH!!!


66. Burmuinbot goibel

66. Sad Burmuinbot

- As Burmuinbot has been sad recently, I have installed a system so he can walk. 

- What I don´t want is cleaning...

- I was expecting something more technological.