65. Euria merkaturako bidean

65. Way to supermarket under the rain

- Raining and freezing, perfect day to go to do the shopping.

- I have been thinking about her the whole week...
- Her curly hair, the tiny, shy nose...

- ... What a shame that I have forgotten she is in the afternoon-shift this week....
- ... I am also glad to see you. 


64.Itsasoan euria.

64. Rain in the sea

- So many seagulls, right, Rhino?

- There would be a storm in the sea, so they come to inland.

- Yes... Or because you haven´t taken shower for 2 months.

- ... I like feeding birds.


63. Sateliteren lan berria

63. Satelite´s new job

- A new job? Awesome... The work in the laboratory was not good for your health... And what do you do now?
- Well, I analyse the smoke from the refinery. 

- How much times do I have to say that you cannot smoke in the pub? 
- and that, after my work, I have taken shower twice. 


62. Lanbas

62. Mops

- I don´t think these airscrew, that you have installed on me, can fly. 

- Of course not, those are marvelous mops for cleaning the floor. 
- You can try them in the bathroom. 

- I prefer to try the laser that I installed myself last night. 


61.Bi baten truke

61. Two for one

- ... There is the reason of my sorrow of love...

- ... and also is the reason of this disgusting sweat. 

- Where are they? ... Here! In the appropriate place, it would help me...

- Super absorbent sponges are on sales, right?