60. Cotton

- The musical master piece you are going to listen, is the most beautiful composition of mine... You don´t need any cotton. 


59. Hor dago

59. There is

- It is nice to play mus with friends.... and win.
- Let´s see!

- Burmuinbot is not jealous?
- Great... Burmuinbot is jealous? ... No, He is busy.

- It is investigating the black material and the substucture of the invisble universe. No?

- Always the same!!! 
- When they eat cauliflower, it gets blocked. 


58. Maitasuna

58. Love

-... And cotton, to tolerate the noise from J.P.... Now I have everything.

- UMH! New Cashier... But, what happen to me?

- I am so sweaty.... So, if I take notice of my armpits...  
- Good morning!

- ... I am falling in love. 
- Do you want any bag?



57. Bedsheet

- What, JP? Are you putting face mask?

- No ... Rhino has got a cold. 
- I am going to get a bedsheet. There is no handkerchief left.