56. Abestia

56. Song
- As you have finished cutting your toe-nails, I am going to play you the song... The short version of 12 minutes.

- Great!

- It seems that someone is knocking the door.
- ... the door no, my heart.


55.Bide berriak

55. New horizons

... I see you are thinking a lot... Rhino is having diarrhoea again?

- No,... Not this,... I am going to leave the strip behind.... for a moment. 

- ... Now, my creativity wants to explore another horizons.... 

- I am going to immerse myself into the world of music.... Do you want to hear my first song?
- No... Right now I am busy cutting my nails.... 
- ... Ok, meanwhile I am warming up my throat. 


54.Zukertort-Reti irekiera

54. Zukertort-Reti opening

-... The sun is hiding between the far-away mountains, painting the sky in red...

-  At the end of another day, a journey during thousands of years

- And you still haven´t got any move.... 
- ... Here I am. 


53. Drama

53. Drama

- I need your hair-dryer now! 

- Quick, quick!!!
- Calm down!

- If you knew how cold the bowl was.... now I want to be alone. 
2.Denboraldia - 2nd Season