104. Argazkiak

104. Photos

- ... What a pity that one you can see JP´s finger...
- That was a beautiful composition...

- Holiday photos?
- No... it´s my poo poo of this year... Take this, the first four months.
- In this one, you guys put my glasses on it?!!!


103. Bitaminak

 103. Vitamins

- Good Night!

- I don´t care if you are sucking my blood. But I don´t want you to wake me up in the middle of the night...

- ...So...

- I am weaker than I thought... 
- Take some vitamins...


102. Sistema interesgarria

102. Interesting system

- Eouh... What are you doing?
- I cannot sleep with its flying noise...

- You don't have to kill any mosquito... Just open the window and it will go away...
- Bye
- ... And now we can continue to dream...
- Interesting system...


101. Hiru

 101. Three

- You have changed the colour of your hair...

- Well, not really... I have carried out the survey of spicy garlic taste bonbon...

- ... Please keep thinking about the score from 1 to 5...


99. Sormena edonon

99. Creating in everywhere

- Haha, What a great strip.

- Finished yet? Quick!!!

- I am coming!! I only need to sign now.


98. Maisuen Maisua

98. Master of master

- Oh!  Master of the Master! Show me how to use the nib in a skilled way like you do.

- Open your eyes and your mind, so my instruction would penetrate into your own perception´s seed.

- Uooh!!! It´s so clean!


97. Indabak

97. Red beans

- Well, like this... How can I have good idea if the environment doesn't allow it?
- It is  because I ate red beans this morning.

- I am going out to get some inspiration. 
- Take your umbrella... I have heard thunder...

- Turbo


96. Ausart

96. Brave

- Finally I stopped. Now I am going to talk to her.

- (Cough, Cough)

- Good night...
- Good Night!!! Blue eyes!!!

- How long have you been waiting?
- 3 strips.

- Almost...


95.Gabon begi urdin

95. Good evening blue eyes 

- 2 seconds I will be by her side... What should I tell her?

- Good evening, blue eyes... yes, it is fine... Good evening, blue eyes...

- Wow, what a draught!

- I have to learn how to brake...


94. Irrist

94. Slide 

- Aupa Txank! Go!
- ... I can't move and I can't stop sweating.

- Well, I see, lovely puddle
- It is the first time I see her whole body.

- ... Let me help you!!!
- ... But, what are you doing?!!!

- AAAGHH!!! Too fast!


93. Lehen urratsa

93. First step

- Your turn, Txank!!! She´s alone...

- Say hello to her.
- ... when I finish this roll.

- Ready!
- Good luck.

- ...ehem... good evening...

- It would be better if you could get a bit nearer. 


92. Dafailontzia

92. Napkin holder

- But, what's wrong with you? It is the second napkin holder you have finished...
- Yes? I am sorry...

- I am sweating a lot, possibly menopause.
- ... sweating?

- Of course, Txank's favourite cashier girl is in the bar...
- Where, where?
- ... Let me see if there is any roll left in the toilet.


91. Korrika

91. Running
- Let´s go home...
- Wait, here comes another...

- How was the park?
- I would like to go back soon...



90. Burmuinbot's shoes

- Do you like the park, Burmuinbot?
- Of course!!!

- And the concrete is softer that I thought.

- It would be Rhino's poop...
- I am so glad that the first shit you have stepped in is mine. 



89. 3rd principal of Thermodynamics

- WUuua!!!

- I am fine. 

- But what do you say? You've never had this dimension. 
- Two more formulas, and you have to finish for today...
- ... Or you won't have any hat for the winter. 


88. Auto-erretratua

88. Self-portrait

- Have you finished your massacre?
- I still need two more, for the nostril. 


87. Etxerako bidea

87. Way back home

- Aupa man! Sorry for not being there in your concert. You know they don't let me go inside the bar when I eat white beans... how was it?
- Fantastic.

- At the end, the audience lifted me up in the air...

- Yes, to throw you out of the bar.
- It was sweet. They wanted to show me the way home to get some rest.



 86. Champagne

- Oh! You´re  drawing again?
- Playing music in front of the public demands a lot of energy... Making comics is more relaxing. 

- Although I won´t forget the applause that I got...

- Yes... When you said that was the last song...
- They even opened bottles of champagne. 


85. Sinfonia D txikian

85. D menor Symphony

- I am rewinding the tape of the concert...
- So I can play it to Satelite, when he gets better from the weird Japanese virus he caught.

-... but what?!!!

- How dare you record on my composition?!!
- I beg your forgiveness, master.



84. Zer esan puxker bat eta gero

84. What can you say after a good fart

Rhino presents: What can you say after a good fart:

- A call from jungle.

- Fresh CH4...

- ... this armchair is inagurated.

- Great ending for a song...
- ...what a pity that I don't have my harmonica.


83. Tila

83. Lime blossom tea

- There is no doubt that he is the worst musician that had played in this bar ever...

- ... The noise from the toilet sounds better. 

- Yes... but thanks for him, I have sold years-quantity-lime blossom tea in three songs...
- One lime blossom tea, please!


82. JP Zuzenean

82. JP live

- Thank you very much for your coming to the concert!!!
- They come here for taking shelter...

- ...There is a big storm outside.

- Great!!! 
- ... So I will also do the ¨encore¨.
- Do you want any cotton?
- Thank you...
- ... here, please.



81. Echo 
- ... I haven't seen the bar that empty since Rhino ate white beans.
- I don't understand...

- ... I have made a lot of promotion and I have made everything clear, the date, the location, and the time...

- If you have made everything clear... What is surprising you?


80. Aitxakiak

80. Excuses
- J.P. has been promoting his concert a lot.

- ... I have 1 week for preparing a good excuse.


79.Bus geltokia

79. Bus-stop

- Aupa, Txanks, you have just come back from the supermarket?
- It seems so... and you?

- I am here waiting for the bus.

- Now it´s here, help me please...
- Be careful! Don´t let the bus driver catch us....