52. Urte bukaera

52. End of the year

- Aupa Txo!!! ... We have achieved the objectives of this year, and we still have 3 hours to the midnight....

- Well... You have a bad job, and I have only drawn 1 strip out of 52.

- ... I have bought this whisky with my first salary.
-... Wooo! We are going to drink now! It will be good for finishing the remaining 51 strips.



51. Critics

- Your best strips? Pfu! ... Maybe you have to do sport in your free time... 

- The perspective is incorrect....
- I don´t understand the joke. 

- Perfect! ... You haven´t overused the ink. 


50. Zakila kopetan zuen mutilaren abenturak

50. The advertures of forehead-dick-guy

- ... But ! 
- Can you please close the window!! Airflow!!


49. Urteko zinta.

49. Strip of the year

- I have been spending the whole year making sketches, with a lot of concentration. Finally, I have created the strip. 
- Can I read it?
- It is my pleasure.

- ¨Adventures of the boy with the dick on his forehead¨ 
- Yes... It has been a bad year.