48. Ilunabarrean

48. Sunset

- The sunset is so beautiful...

- We should have brought the camara. 
- Good idea.

- We would take pretty photos. The sun has given a spectular colour spectrum of the caca. 



47. The cube

-Aupa Burmuinbot! I am giving you a test for you to show your superiority about the human being in this house....
- I am not cleaning the toilet. 

- ... no, no.... Look, I have been spending a whole year to solve this colour cube, while I am poo-ing... But I cannot.... Let´s see if you can get it. 

- .... ptx... easy.

- Done.
- Well, It seems like Master hasn´t corrected your colour blindness. 


46. Lanean

46. Working

-  Try these new soft-drink of onion with caffeine, and tell me which one do you prefer....

- You don´t like the first one, right? 
- It is too sweet... 


45. Merkatu ikerlaria

45. Marketing Analyst
- I´ve got a job!!!
- ... the marketing analyst.

- Oh! ... doing survey. Congratulations!!!.... and when are you going to start?

- Now, if you want....Tell me, from those suppositories which one is your favourite. 




- Aupa, my friends, who is going to bring me to sculpt my new sculpture?
- It´s J ´s turn. 

- You seems taller.
- Yes....

- I have got fungus in the swimming pool.