43.Azken-aurreko elkarrizketa

43. The second last interview

- We are a new company, and we are looking for people to work for us. 

- I can tell the company is a brand new one. It is my first interview that I´ve done sitting on the floor.... 
- I have to bring the foldable beach chair. 


42.Gauaren erritmoa

42. The rhythm of the night

- That's enough!!!

- At first, I thought you did it by accident, but when you're touching my ass with the music rhythm.....
- ... What are you talking about, you honorable woman???

- Seriously, I've never thought about touching your ass, maybe your friend's..... 
- ... I'll miss my tail. 


41. Evans ganbitoa

41. Evans Gambit

- The dinner is burning...
- No... Master is playing chess...

- Checkmate, in 16 moves.
- How can it be? 
- The horse is here....
- Checkmate, in 8 moves. 
- ...Your ear is bleeding. 


40. Agur piluleei

40. Good bye pills
- ... So, you have quitted the job from the laboratory?
- ... It has been 2 weeks I haven´t tried these pills.
- ... and the secondary effects?

- The hallucinations and the liturgical choirs in my head have gone....
- Perfect!

- ... As you can see is my tail is getting smaller each day.
- Good!