- Aupa Txank...
- I thought the snores was from Rhino. 

- No... Rhino, He is spending the night in a girl´s home.

- ... Pardon me, I don´t remember how to put it into silent mode.


38. Saskibaloia

38. Basketball
- I didn´t know that you have a basketball...
- Let´s go to throw a few shots. 
- .... but what are you talking about?
- ... Rhino has been constipated after the vacation and his organic sculpture is made by snot now....




- Aupa, traveller!!
- I have come back....

- ... and what is this? 
- You have asked me for something of napalm, here you are.... A Bomb. 

- ... A bomb of napalm? Thank you very much... But I asked for something from Nepal. 
- What a mistake! I am sure you will find a way to use it. 



36.The teacher

- Oh great guru!... I need your help.

- It has been more than one year and a half, and I still haven´t got any idea....
  How can I come out from this creative block?

-... In your daily experiences, you would find the inspiration that you are looking for. 

- "The daily experiences" .... I am not so sure....