35. Crossword puzzle
-... I heard that if one comic is burnt, the author will appear between the smoke, and he will answer you one question.
- Impossible.

- Yes, of course. I am going to do a crossword puzzle.
- Be careful of the splatter.


34. Holandar defentsa

34. Dutch defense
- Checkmate.
-... But how come?

- You don´t understand? ... Nobody is better than me.... All the things that every human in this house cannot do, I can achieve. 
- ... Let´s see if it is true...

... No one is able to clean this kitchen floor. 
- Base on my calculation, I will need another 2 bottles of bleach and a flame-thrower. 


33. Burtsa akzioak

33.  Share in the stock market
- I will be right back...
... I will see how my shares are in the stock market...
... Don´t spit into my drink. 

- ... I have decided, another person will try the pill from the laboratory...


32.Komunera joateko erak

32. How to go to the toilet elegantly

- At least you have to go three times a day.
- I am finding the inspiration.
- I have to send out some CVs.
- I am so interested to calculate the volume of bathroom with integers.


31. Sormen amildegia

31. Creative abyss

- I haven´t got any idea.

- There are only two sketches left, but I have nothing in my head.

- ... Concentration ....yes... yes... something is coming.