30. Sormen zulogunea

30. Creative block
- When I was constipated, I didn´t have material for my organic sculpture. Don´t you remember?
- Yes, it was a quiet day. 

- ... So, with the ear wax, I made a beautiful collection of candles.... 
- ... It was ideal for a romantic dinner.
- ... What I want to say is....

- ... in this moment, leave the strips behind, make some crossword puzzle, or origami, for having new point of view....

- ... No ... With silent and a little bit of concentration, I would come out from this creative block. 

- Maybe the next week....


29. Gazta

29. Cheese

- Ejemi.... You were right. It is a huge responsibility to have a pet.... Moreover, I am going for a holiday. It will be a problem to find someone to take care of it.... 

- To appologise for all the abundant diarrhoea, take this gift. 
- ..... Woo!! Thank you very much. A cheese from Erronkal. 

- A cheese from Erronkal? No... It is a sculpture made by the dirt that I found between my toes. 
- .... Precious.  


28.Aranondoen basoan

28. In the plum forest
- Please .... I will give him my food, also I will walk him and take care of his shit. 
- I have said , No. 

- Well.... I will spend a whole day eating plums.... as you know, they give me a terrible diarrhoea. 

- What? .... the doggie?
- No, it is a rat that he saw in the harbour. 



27. Doggie

- ... How cute the doggies are. 
- Yes, it is true. Especially when they are smelling the ass each other....
- Hahaha ... Very funny, JP

- You would write a lot strips if we had a doggie....
- No, we are not going to have a doggie.
- But .....
- I said No.