13. Gorbata

13. Tie

Now I am ready for my first job interview. 

Very Elegant, But.... 
Why do you put on the slipper?

Because those are the only shoes that match my tie. 
If you want, I lend you one of my bowtie.


12. Krisialdiko urtebetetzea

12. Birthday in Crisis.

- It is not necessary to give me anything. 
- Yes, of course. 

- Wow, new socks!
- New new No, without holes. 


11. Bi aste euripean

11. Two weeks in the rain

- There is nowhere in the world existing people who can use umbrellas such professional like us!
- and in London?
- I said, in the world.

- .....OOOOO !!!
- But what...

- It was the sun!!!
- The sun!!!... with its sweet ray!!!


10. Euria

10. Rain

- It is fabulous to see the rain falling around the lampost.

- I love to see how the circles are formed in the puddle....

- Everyone loves the rain, but without umbrella, it´s better to stay at home. 

- Listen! The soft profundity from sound of the drops.


9. Larunbat gaua

9. Saturday night

- Still working on the strips?
- Eoh.... (awaken...)  yes yes.

- Very good, JP! I thought you were in the pubs with Txank 
  hydrating with alcohol, taking drugs, hanging out with girls...

- You have to work really hard to accomplish your objectives...JP?

- Aupa Txo!!!