8. Partikula azeleragailua

8. Particle accelerator
- Aupa Master, Still working on your invention?
- Yes, and you? Have you finished the strip?
- I haven´t started it yet. 

- Waaa! Unbelievable! 
- You have seen the prototype of particle accelerator ?

- No, no, Your wardrobe! You really have it well organized. 
  All the underwears are arranged by colours.
  Come! Txank!


7. Lonbardia

7. Lombardy

- ... and in Lombardy, cypress are planted by Julio Caesar.
- Yes, very good. But we were talking about my creative problems.

- Look! The ugliest plant in this city!
- Where?

- Over there! The balcony with a tumour.
- Creepy!


6. Mus

6. Mus.

- Aupa MAISTER! .... We have to cancel the MUS game, SATELLITE has been put into the jail!
- Don't worry, we are going to play in 5 minutes. I have another solution. 
- Have you got explosives?
- I prefer Pachisi.
- You can't unplug it. It uses battery. 
- Hahaha, Wonderful! ... BRAIN-BOT, hahaha,  We're the chamipon!


5. Besaulkia

5. Sofa.
- Your new sofa is very comfortable. 
- New sofa?  
 ...I don't have any
... You are sitting on the last organic sculpture of the rhinoceros.