4. Lana

4. Work.
- What is your plan for this new year?
- Um... I would like to have a good job...
 .... or find a job.  UMF....
... and solve this Cube.
- Let's finish this whisky before it gets warm. 


3. Artelana.

3. Art work
- Don't you find it creative? Don't you like the colour? 
  I think it is one of the best that I have done... 
- I have already told you that you are the best organic sculptor I have ever met... 
  ... But we don't have any more space for your art work at home! 
- Don't worry. There is still enough space for a few more under your bed.


2. Maskotak

2.      Pets
- Hey! How are the strips?
- Pch! I’ve been thinking over and over
I was thinking some stories about a person with his pet…. A dog or a cat.
- It doesn’t seem very original.
-Oh right!… talking about pet, it is your turn to walk the rhinoceros.

- Well… Do we still have any rubbish bag? 


1. Hasiera

1.      Now it starts!
- Aupa man!!
   Let’s go to have some beer, to see if we can get over the hangover from the New Year Eve.
- I am sorry; this year I’ve proposed I have to work for weekly strip. So, unless I have the one for this     week, no beer.
- A weekly strip? Eh? So what we need is whisky!

- We are late for that! 


Welcome to Aupa komik.

Aupa komik!!! ASTEROKO  ZINTA.
Welcome to Aupa komik.
We will publish strips every week!