52. Urte bukaera

52. End of the year

- Aupa Txo!!! ... We have achieved the objectives of this year, and we still have 3 hours to the midnight....

- Well... You have a bad job, and I have only drawn 1 strip out of 52.

- ... I have bought this whisky with my first salary.
-... Wooo! We are going to drink now! It will be good for finishing the remaining 51 strips.



51. Critics

- Your best strips? Pfu! ... Maybe you have to do sport in your free time... 

- The perspective is incorrect....
- I don´t understand the joke. 

- Perfect! ... You haven´t overused the ink. 


50. Zakila kopetan zuen mutilaren abenturak

50. The advertures of forehead-dick-guy

- ... But ! 
- Can you please close the window!! Airflow!!


49. Urteko zinta.

49. Strip of the year

- I have been spending the whole year making sketches, with a lot of concentration. Finally, I have created the strip. 
- Can I read it?
- It is my pleasure.

- ¨Adventures of the boy with the dick on his forehead¨ 
- Yes... It has been a bad year. 


48. Ilunabarrean

48. Sunset

- The sunset is so beautiful...

- We should have brought the camara. 
- Good idea.

- We would take pretty photos. The sun has given a spectular colour spectrum of the caca. 



47. The cube

-Aupa Burmuinbot! I am giving you a test for you to show your superiority about the human being in this house....
- I am not cleaning the toilet. 

- ... no, no.... Look, I have been spending a whole year to solve this colour cube, while I am poo-ing... But I cannot.... Let´s see if you can get it. 

- .... ptx... easy.

- Done.
- Well, It seems like Master hasn´t corrected your colour blindness. 


46. Lanean

46. Working

-  Try these new soft-drink of onion with caffeine, and tell me which one do you prefer....

- You don´t like the first one, right? 
- It is too sweet... 


45. Merkatu ikerlaria

45. Marketing Analyst
- I´ve got a job!!!
- ... the marketing analyst.

- Oh! ... doing survey. Congratulations!!!.... and when are you going to start?

- Now, if you want....Tell me, from those suppositories which one is your favourite. 




- Aupa, my friends, who is going to bring me to sculpt my new sculpture?
- It´s J ´s turn. 

- You seems taller.
- Yes....

- I have got fungus in the swimming pool. 


43.Azken-aurreko elkarrizketa

43. The second last interview

- We are a new company, and we are looking for people to work for us. 

- I can tell the company is a brand new one. It is my first interview that I´ve done sitting on the floor.... 
- I have to bring the foldable beach chair. 


42.Gauaren erritmoa

42. The rhythm of the night

- That's enough!!!

- At first, I thought you did it by accident, but when you're touching my ass with the music rhythm.....
- ... What are you talking about, you honorable woman???

- Seriously, I've never thought about touching your ass, maybe your friend's..... 
- ... I'll miss my tail. 


41. Evans ganbitoa

41. Evans Gambit

- The dinner is burning...
- No... Master is playing chess...

- Checkmate, in 16 moves.
- How can it be? 
- The horse is here....
- Checkmate, in 8 moves. 
- ...Your ear is bleeding. 


40. Agur piluleei

40. Good bye pills
- ... So, you have quitted the job from the laboratory?
- ... It has been 2 weeks I haven´t tried these pills.
- ... and the secondary effects?

- The hallucinations and the liturgical choirs in my head have gone....
- Perfect!

- ... As you can see is my tail is getting smaller each day.
- Good!




- Aupa Txank...
- I thought the snores was from Rhino. 

- No... Rhino, He is spending the night in a girl´s home.

- ... Pardon me, I don´t remember how to put it into silent mode.


38. Saskibaloia

38. Basketball
- I didn´t know that you have a basketball...
- Let´s go to throw a few shots. 
- .... but what are you talking about?
- ... Rhino has been constipated after the vacation and his organic sculpture is made by snot now....




- Aupa, traveller!!
- I have come back....

- ... and what is this? 
- You have asked me for something of napalm, here you are.... A Bomb. 

- ... A bomb of napalm? Thank you very much... But I asked for something from Nepal. 
- What a mistake! I am sure you will find a way to use it. 



36.The teacher

- Oh great guru!... I need your help.

- It has been more than one year and a half, and I still haven´t got any idea....
  How can I come out from this creative block?

-... In your daily experiences, you would find the inspiration that you are looking for. 

- "The daily experiences" .... I am not so sure....



35. Crossword puzzle
-... I heard that if one comic is burnt, the author will appear between the smoke, and he will answer you one question.
- Impossible.

- Yes, of course. I am going to do a crossword puzzle.
- Be careful of the splatter.


34. Holandar defentsa

34. Dutch defense
- Checkmate.
-... But how come?

- You don´t understand? ... Nobody is better than me.... All the things that every human in this house cannot do, I can achieve. 
- ... Let´s see if it is true...

... No one is able to clean this kitchen floor. 
- Base on my calculation, I will need another 2 bottles of bleach and a flame-thrower. 


33. Burtsa akzioak

33.  Share in the stock market
- I will be right back...
... I will see how my shares are in the stock market...
... Don´t spit into my drink. 

- ... I have decided, another person will try the pill from the laboratory...


32.Komunera joateko erak

32. How to go to the toilet elegantly

- At least you have to go three times a day.
- I am finding the inspiration.
- I have to send out some CVs.
- I am so interested to calculate the volume of bathroom with integers.


31. Sormen amildegia

31. Creative abyss

- I haven´t got any idea.

- There are only two sketches left, but I have nothing in my head.

- ... Concentration ....yes... yes... something is coming.


30. Sormen zulogunea

30. Creative block
- When I was constipated, I didn´t have material for my organic sculpture. Don´t you remember?
- Yes, it was a quiet day. 

- ... So, with the ear wax, I made a beautiful collection of candles.... 
- ... It was ideal for a romantic dinner.
- ... What I want to say is....

- ... in this moment, leave the strips behind, make some crossword puzzle, or origami, for having new point of view....

- ... No ... With silent and a little bit of concentration, I would come out from this creative block. 

- Maybe the next week....


29. Gazta

29. Cheese

- Ejemi.... You were right. It is a huge responsibility to have a pet.... Moreover, I am going for a holiday. It will be a problem to find someone to take care of it.... 

- To appologise for all the abundant diarrhoea, take this gift. 
- ..... Woo!! Thank you very much. A cheese from Erronkal. 

- A cheese from Erronkal? No... It is a sculpture made by the dirt that I found between my toes. 
- .... Precious.  


28.Aranondoen basoan

28. In the plum forest
- Please .... I will give him my food, also I will walk him and take care of his shit. 
- I have said , No. 

- Well.... I will spend a whole day eating plums.... as you know, they give me a terrible diarrhoea. 

- What? .... the doggie?
- No, it is a rat that he saw in the harbour. 



27. Doggie

- ... How cute the doggies are. 
- Yes, it is true. Especially when they are smelling the ass each other....
- Hahaha ... Very funny, JP

- You would write a lot strips if we had a doggie....
- No, we are not going to have a doggie.
- But .....
- I said No. 


26.Hiru adar

26. Three horns
- UAUAUUUUI !!! What a pretty girl...
- I am going to get near her.

- EH!... My turn... You have got the last one.
- Okay, let´s go together....
- ... Maybe she has another friend for you.

- Usually the people who know me call me ´Three´ , because of the horns...
- I see you have two only.
- Let´s go outside, it is really hot here....
- AGH!!!  Rino!!!


25. Hamaika

25. Bazillionth

... Well, I am going to my bazillionth job interview.

- Good luck.
- I don´t need it. I have put my good-luck-briefs
- It was the one you used for flirting?
- Yes, the same.

- ... Wait, there is a thread on your suit. 
- ... Upss! it´s the dental floss.


24. Ezaguna

24. Acquaintance
- Aupa Pretty!
- .... She doesn´t listen to you. 
- .... Possibly she doesn´t know him.

- ... Of course she knows me....

- Aupa girl.....

- ... Attention!
- Ah, yes she knows you. 




- Are you finding the inspiration by doing Yoga?
- ..... No, I fall down when I am changing the light bulb. 



21. Pills
- Have you found anything?
- ... No, I haven´t got any job. 
- It´s a fashion. 

- .... Come with me to the laboratory. 
- .... To try pills? I am not sure.... and the side effects? 

- ... sometimes I feel it. 
- ... ·Çª!"ñ&%@#
- .... Eh... of course. 


20.Euri ostean

20. After the rain
- After the rain, I like to breathe in deeply through my nose
- ... to feel the fresh smell of the grass.

- It would be a graceful experience if there wasn´t your big shit.
- It is really fresh as well!


19. Piramide sakratua

19. Sacred Pyramid
- I can understand the job interview....
- and the response test can be interesting.

- The first one who reach the top of the sacred pyramid will get the job... Ready?
- Three...
- ...Two...

- But this one I think it´s too much.


18.24 ordu festazaleak


18. 24-hour-party people
- Aupa mister maister, Let´s begin with the MUS.
- You are late. 
- Only 20 minutes. 
- 20 minutes and 24 hours. 
- Ups!.... Yes.... It has been a great party. 


17. Burmuinbot esku

17. Burmuinbot Card dealer

- Aupa! Today we are going to win!
- Yes.... This is the moment to get our new tactics
- Let´s go, Burmuinbot.

- You have to slow down the power.
- Yes, it is in the Frog game mode.
- If we were playing Parchis....


16.Test psikoteknikoa

16. Response test

- Another response test? I never do it well. Maybe I don´t have the personality that the companies want. 

- But this guy seems like he is calm and reasonable. He is born to work in an office.
- I am going to copy his answer. 

- ... A, D, B, B, A, A, ....
- ... Now two more Ds. Because I have put very few of them.


15.Satelite TM

15.Satelite TM

- How are your strips going?
- So-so. 
- You can make an interesting comic about me. The story would be ... how I flirted with two girls last week. 
- Yes, yes.... like when you drank Absinthe, you started sucking the people´s nipples. 
- or when you smoked the rhino´s dry shit, you thought it got hallucinogenic effects.... hahaha
- Don´t forget that I have the image rights. 


14. Lan elkarrizketa

14. Job interview
- Yes, of course I like teamwork. We can make better jokes about the boss.  
- Very good. Now it is over.... We will call you. 
- Let´s see if it is true... Normally when I am told like this, they never call. ....The truth is,  I don´t care if I am taken or not.
- ...But it would be nice to see you again. ...  Do you like figs? I know a park which is full of fig trees. We can have a picnic one afternoon...


13. Gorbata

13. Tie

Now I am ready for my first job interview. 

Very Elegant, But.... 
Why do you put on the slipper?

Because those are the only shoes that match my tie. 
If you want, I lend you one of my bowtie.


12. Krisialdiko urtebetetzea

12. Birthday in Crisis.

- It is not necessary to give me anything. 
- Yes, of course. 

- Wow, new socks!
- New new No, without holes. 


11. Bi aste euripean

11. Two weeks in the rain

- There is nowhere in the world existing people who can use umbrellas such professional like us!
- and in London?
- I said, in the world.

- .....OOOOO !!!
- But what...

- It was the sun!!!
- The sun!!!... with its sweet ray!!!


10. Euria

10. Rain

- It is fabulous to see the rain falling around the lampost.

- I love to see how the circles are formed in the puddle....

- Everyone loves the rain, but without umbrella, it´s better to stay at home. 

- Listen! The soft profundity from sound of the drops.


9. Larunbat gaua

9. Saturday night

- Still working on the strips?
- Eoh.... (awaken...)  yes yes.

- Very good, JP! I thought you were in the pubs with Txank 
  hydrating with alcohol, taking drugs, hanging out with girls...

- You have to work really hard to accomplish your objectives...JP?

- Aupa Txo!!!


8. Partikula azeleragailua

8. Particle accelerator
- Aupa Master, Still working on your invention?
- Yes, and you? Have you finished the strip?
- I haven´t started it yet. 

- Waaa! Unbelievable! 
- You have seen the prototype of particle accelerator ?

- No, no, Your wardrobe! You really have it well organized. 
  All the underwears are arranged by colours.
  Come! Txank!


7. Lonbardia

7. Lombardy

- ... and in Lombardy, cypress are planted by Julio Caesar.
- Yes, very good. But we were talking about my creative problems.

- Look! The ugliest plant in this city!
- Where?

- Over there! The balcony with a tumour.
- Creepy!