196. Medikuarenean

 196. See the doctor

- The results reflect a deviation in the third vertebra

- It may be due to carrying too much weight.

- Weight ?  the burden of existence?

- Tell your pet to give me back
my sandwich.


195. Pop Korn

195. PopCorn

- Good afternoon.
- ... Good.
-  Auditorium 1.

-HEUP Boss!... I've already controlled the Scorpio technique and it's been days that I haven't cut myself... When can I start making pop corns? I would like to have some action...

- ... When you control your zip.


194. Pizza

194. Pizza

- You should take care of your diet... It isn't healthy to eat too many biscuits... The vultures can't fly...
- ... Their mom helps.


193. Garaipenaren gola

193. Goal of victory

- Bot 's got his goal of victory. Aren't you happy?
- If you knew how many fuse box I need to change for him...


192. Piper berdeak

193. Green pepper
- What have my grandma prepared for my lunch? Spanish omelette with red pepper...or green pepper...

- Burlps
- ... Green pepper!


191. Pop Korn Lehen Eguna

191. Pop-Corn first day
- So you first day, you're going to be at the door tearing the ticket...
- Easy! Do I need to apply any special technique? with 2 fingers? ... pinching with the third
- So far, focus and don't splash your blood to our  spectators.