229. libragailu magnetikoa

229. Magnetic plunger
- …There's no way...
- I can't stand anymore!
- We still have a possibilty...
-I thought I would never use it... my magnetic plunger!


228. Gurina

228. Butter
- It's been a week and a half last time you defecated. Now you are stuck.
- Be careful!
- It's imminent... I am about to make my biggest sculpture...
- We've tried butter...
- Yes, He rubbed all over my body...
- …but you ate them all!
- I had a light breakfast.


227. Metatarso apurketa

227. Metatarso 's broken

- You've been eating a lot lately.
- It could be... to fill the empty space that I have since the vultures have gone... but don't worry about me...
- I am worrying about my foot.


226. Motxila hegalaria

226. Flying rucksack

- Without vulture, it will take a long time to go up to clean ...
- Master, any invention can help me to climb up the chimney?
- I am very busy... but let's see what I can do...
- I was expecting a flying rucksack...
- One day... The 5th vortice emperor is coming very soon and I haven't finished knitting his socks.


225. Bainu Garbi

225. Clean the bathroom
- Wow! You have made it spotless!
- And I didn't smear myself.

- We should take your talent to the next level...
- Popcorns! Popcorns!
- From this moment, you'll be responsible to clean up the vomit in the theatre.
- I hope I'll get there.



224. Gift
- Finally! without vultures.
- I miss them.
- I will take advantage of this quiet tranquility so I can draw, with a lot of paper.
 - The first rat the vultures hunted ... They wanted you to have it... They really love you... So sweet, isn't it?


223. Ez zipristindu

223. No more splashing

Forehead-dick-guy needs to bend down to pee.
- If not, I can't hit...

But in the park...
- Behind a tree...
- I can stand up! ...And I won't splash you.


222. Ordu punta

222. Peak hour

- Getting lost in the mountain at night... leaving the woods at dawn...
- Oh no! So you fell into the bramble in the dark and hurt yourself?
- No...
- We decided to come back by underground ... and it was the peak hour.
- Be careful of your horn, Rhino.