207. Putreak badoaz

207. Vultures are leaving

- Good morning!
- Good??
- Good bye, vultures! I've offered to help them with the lugguages.
- So lucky you only need to carry one lugguage, right?


206. Pop Korn - Haizea zineman

206. Pop Corn : Haizea in the cinema

- UAAAH!!! Haizea is in the cinema!!  Oh, my zip!
- Haizea!
- It's been a while! Well, I'm leaving... seems that you still have got the sweating problem.
- Good bye, Txank!
- Haizea!
- Wow! You've melted the ticket.
- I haven't lost my consciousness.


205. Ardi-mekanikoekin amets egiten

205, Dreaming of machinery sheep

- Now I'm the kind of the city. 
- and you are my slav... Broooum!!!
- ?!
- I always forget to put the anti-rust oil before I sleep.


204. Putreen azken orduak

204. Vultures' Last hours

- The newspapers are clean... now they don't defecate in anywhere. They've already found a fixed place.

- Don't you remember when we were singing together next to the fire? … You were with the guitar and the vultures were burping the rhythm. Alf! Those songs aren't coming back.
- … I have to go to the park ... and think.
- Don't wear your hat! ... It's very windy...
- … They'll miss you.


203. Putreen onurak

 203. The advantages of having vultures

- Why do they have to go?
- It's time to set them free.

- With their feathers we've made warm eiderdown and soft cushions... and they' ve bought you a lot of panties.
- ... and how many dead animals have they brought?
- It's true! I've sewed some of the skin together to make horn covers.


202. Putreare Azken Egunak

202. The last days of the vulture
- ... Do you want to leave the vultures on the beech trees?
- Yes... The doctor said if I continue carrying it on my shoulder, I´ll have back pain.
- Doesn't it hurt your neck when it is on your head?
- The neck no...  What make me hurt are the nails, she doesn't want me to cut them and I can't think at all.


201. Krispeten itoaldia

 201. Clogged up by pop corns

- Where does this smell come from?!
- Haven't you quit your survey job?
- Yes... I am working in the cinema cutting the tickets... But in the last session, there were some problem in the bathroom pipes.
- Clogged up by pop corns!