190. Tintamoten

190. Inking

- I need to be calm in order to ink well...
- UUOU!!!
- ... I've told you not to feed them red beans.
- Come on... It isn't that bad.


189. Pop Korn

189. Popcorn

- without any experience working in cinema...
- A-ha!
- Ages without seeing a movie.
- As I indicate in my hobby, I prefer investing my time in party...
- Well, we still want you to be in our team... this popcorn is delicious.



187. Hamabitako

187.  Twelve o´clock

- It´s gone...
- The commerical period´s started...

- ... my lunch... Finally! You are late!

- And the beer?

- Put the documentary channel...
- ... I want to see sports. I need to get the window shade fixed.


Aupa Oporrak!

ATSEDENA! Irailean itzuliko gea!

¡DESCANSO! Volvemos en septiembre!

ON HOLIDAY! We'll be back in September! 



184. Erromanikoa ala gotikoa

184. Romanic or Gothic

- No way, Bot... The sand would destroy your circuits... Look how we build and that's it.
- Gothic arch?
- Has anyone got clean hands to help me to put the sun-cream on?
- I put my new gloves for you.
- UARGH!!! The water is breaking the wall!